Cover or bring fragile plants inside during freezing temperatures

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PEORIA, Ill. (WMBD)– Freeze damage to plant tissue can be detrimental to plants according to GardeningKnowHow, which is an online blogging site.

Local greenhouses said when temperatures dip below freezing, it’s best to bring fragile plants indoors.

If seedlings are already planted, use a sheet of light fabric or burlap to cover it.

You want to hold off on planting some of your tender plants like peppers, or certain perennials like hibiscus. You just want to hold off on some of those, even if they’re available from a garden shop and you see them and inside your brain says ‘I want that. That looks fun.’ There are certain things you just gotta be hesitant on.

Ethan Wise, Horticulturist | Hoerr Nursery

If you do see damaged areas wait until after the last frost to prune those areas. Johnson’s Floral & Greenhouse located at 313 N Morton Ave said it’s a good practice to watch the nightly temperatures.

The plants can be out as long as it doesn’t freeze. As long as it’s above 40 degrees, it should be good to go. Just bring them into your garage, your house, cover them with a tarp, plastic bag, whatever. We tell everyone to not start planting until right around Mother’s Day. From May first to May 15 is usually our date. Don’t get in a hurry right now. You have plenty of time. There’s no reason to risk your investment.

Paul Grethey, President, Owner | Johnson’s Floral & Greenhouse

The Old Farmers Almanac predicts Peoria’s last spring frost to be April 24. Bloomington Normal’s last frost is May 4.

To check your area’s last frost date, CLICK HERE.

Washington’s Greenhouse located 2679 Centennial Dr. recently launched its online website.

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