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CBSNEWS — A swanky hotel in London is serving up the UK’s most expensive cup of tea at $600 a pot.

The Rubens at the Palace in London offers the unique brew called Golden Tips. It costs $200 a gram, nearly four times the price of gold.

White-gloved waiters use golden tongs to weigh the lavish leaves, then steep them in hot mineral water before serving. Dananjaya Silva with P.M. David Silva & Sons says, “You’ll notice that the cup color actually looks golden. It has a little golden hue to it and that’s a sign of well-made Golden Tips.”

So what makes it so pricey? Producers put it down to the meticulous process. It’s grown in Sri Lanka, picked when conditions are perfect, and dried on a velvet cloth. Silva says, “Make tea to the old blueprint, let’s go back to how our forefathers made tea, that was flavory, that had character.”

Only a handful of people have shelled out for this liquid gold. The hotel says the upscale experience has attracted posh locals and even a British rock star, but so far not the Queen.

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