PEORIA, Ill. (WMBD) — U.S. stocks opened higher on Wall Street Monday, marking a rebound after last week’s steep selloff amid the global outbreak of the Wuhan Coronavirus.

When health flare-ups appear across the globe, the stock impact can be seen in a variety of ways.

Travel agencies like Travelocity or airlines usually see a dip in numbers. On the contrary, small biotech companies who get approved by the FDA for a drug to combat the virus see a spike in stock trades.

You kind of see like initial knee-jerk reaction like, ‘oh my gosh, how bad is this going to get?’ And then depending on how it works, or how it goes, say three months later, [stocks] will kind of continue dropping or maybe come up a little bit if [the virus] doesn’t seem like it’s too bad. About six months afterwards, everything, sort of like the fears have calmed down and so [the stock market] tends to I guess recover a little bit from the intial knee-jerk reaction.”

Rockie Zeigler III, Financial Planner | Zeigler Investment Services, Inc

More than 107 million people tuned in to watch the biggest one-day sporting event of the year Sunday, the Super Bowl. While some were rooting on the Chiefs or 49’s others watched just for the commercials.

Companies pay thousands upon thousands of dollars for ads to play during the Super Bowl. But what’s the payoff?

According to a local financial planner, some companies can benefit from trades in the stock market after a well-received Super Bowl ad. If the ad flops, results could show a decrease.

Some that stuck out last night included Google, Cheetos, Pepsi, and Facebook. So did those ads make a difference?

The average volume of shares traded was pretty much the same today as it always has been the last maybe year or so with Pepsi and Facebook. Pepsi was interesting because there was really no reaction today at all. The stock is essentially flat for the day. Facebook was also interesting one too, because there were a few more shares being traded but not a lot and then [Facebook] is up in line with the NASDAQ.

Rockie Zeigler III, Financial Planner | Zeigler Investment Services, Inc

When it comes to the “tug on your heartstrings” Google ad, more trades were happening over the average of the last fiscal year, but the company also just reported its 2019 year endings.

Google is up about 3% whereas the NASDAQ is up about 1%.