Donors can be cemented in history at Wildlife Prairie Park with bricks


PEORIA COUNTY, Ill.–Your name could now be cemented in history, thanks to Wildlife Prairie Park.

The park is starting its’ ‘Bison Brick Paver Program.’ This allows you to be able to purchase a brick for you or a loved one. Those who make three-year donations of $250 will receive a brick. But the bricks will stay at the park for much longer than three years, they’ll stay there forever.

The bricks are located at Hespell Bricks. This is in the center of the park overlooking the bison and elk pasture.

The money will go towards maintenance improvements, and caring for the animals at Wildlife Prairie Park.

Interim Executive Director Mike McKim says this is a way to show appreciation for park donors.

“The bricks will be here forever. We’re hoping grandparents will buy them for kids, and that kids can come back in the future and show their kids ‘Hey look what my grandparents bought me. It’s just a way to support the park, a fun way to support it and it’ll be here forever,” McKim said.

Dave Brugger, who is also an Interim Executive Director at Wildlife Prairie Park, says this is a great way to honor a loved one.

“The heritage idea, you can take grandma and grandpa that are interested. Have a couple of grandkids, buy them a brick each. Then maybe the following year, because it’s a 3-year on-going commitment, you buy mom and dad of your kids one,” Brugger said.

Brugger says the bison and elk are both self-sustaining at the Park, but after a certain amount of years, other animals they have in the park will have to be replaced. The money raised from these bricks will be able to take care of the animals they currently have and be able to bring more animals to the park in the future.

You can donate by emailing

“Donations can be accepted at any time. We’ve already got several in, by the way, in the last few weeks. Once we started it, it seemed to take on popularity pretty rapidly,” Brugger said.

Brugger and McKim say they’re aiming for $1,000,000 in total for donations. They believe selling these bricks could be a great way to meet that goal.

You can also receive information on how to buy a brick by calling Wildlife Prairie Park at (309) 676-0998.

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