CI HEROES: Coworkers spring to action to help save man’s life


Two PDC employees are being acknowledged after their quick actions saved the life of a co-worker having a heart attack.

Kevin Cassulo and Dave Voss performed CPR and utilized an AED to save Glenn Davidson. The two remained calm in the very scary situation and it’s because of their actions that Glenn is here today.

Two years ago Glenn Davidson had a health scare, while working out at the Peoria Disposal Company gym facility. A 12 year employee, Glenn was 60 years old when it happened. “I came over here to the weight bench, and I sat on it and i remember doing about two curls and that was the last thing i remembered until being wheeled into the ambulance,” said Glenn. “I found out when they put me in the ambulance that I had a heart attack and that my fellow employees performed CPR and used an AED to bring me back to life.”

Davidson’s coworker Kevin Cassulo sprang to action but it didn’t yield immediate results.

After rounds of chest compressions and performing CPR, he needed assistance. That’s when their coworker Dave Voss stepped in.

Cassulo noticed Davidson’s mouth was shut and his face red. He grabbed Glenn’s mouth, opened his airway, and pulled out his tongue, at which point Glen began gasping for air and came back to consciousness.

Voss and Cassulo had saved Glenn’s life. And now PDC has supplied AEDs for all of its facilities.

“It makes me feel good that at least something has come of it, it’s like, I’ve had other people come up to me and say their business has purchased one,” said Glenn.

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