Does an ‘Aspirin a day, keep the doctor away,’ or not?


CENTRAL ILLINOIS — A study from the Annals of Internal Medicine in 2017 shows a quarter of U.S. adults take Aspirin daily to prevent heart disease but is it the right move?

Researchers examined data on some 14,000 adults aged 40 and older without cardiovascular disease who completed a national survey.

Among those findings: 23% did not have a clinician recommendation to do so. Among those 70 and older, nearly half reported daily Aspirin use.

OSF Healthcare Director of Physician Practice Doctor Brian Curtis says you should weight the benefit versus harm.

“People that don’t have a history of stroke or don’t have a history of heart disease that are taking it actually do worse than people who are not taking it,” said Dr. Curtis.

Unless you have a history of heart disease or stroke, you really shouldn’t take one daily, unless you’ve been instructed by a doctor to do so.

To watch the full interview with Dr. Curtis, CLICK HERE.

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