Dunlap School Board discussing P.E. exemption; draws concern from some parents


DUNLAP, Ill. — Dunlap’s school board is considering decreasing the amount of days juniors and seniors would have to take P.E. each week.

While this is currently just an idea by some board members, it sparked some concern from parents.

“P.E. increases your memory, your cognitive ability, your concentration,” said Chrissy Malson who has two children in the Dunlap School District.

Superintendent of Dunlap School District Dr. Scott Dearman says nothing is official at this point.

“There’s no motion on the table to do it at all at this point but in theory, it would allow for 3 day a week PE for those who could in the upper-level classes,” Dr. Dearman said.

Dr. Dearman adds this idea comes from those board members wanting students to be able to take more dual credit and AP classes which could save them time and money that would be spent on college courses down the road.

“Dual credit at Dunlap is $50, it’s through ICC. If you take it as an ICC student, I believe it’s around $450. So there’s a cost savings there and an educational benefit to the child as well,” Dr. Dearman said.

This idea caught the attention of some parents at Dunlap like Chrissy Malson.

She believes daily exercise is extremely important for growing teens and is taking action to voice her concern alongside other parents.

“I just made an online petition that I was opposed to all the PE exemptions except those in the handbook,” Malson said.

Students who do qualify for waivers to not participate in P.E. already are those in extracurricular clubs, sports, band, and ROTC.

Dr. Dearman says if the proposal passes, it would give students the time to focus on the classes they want.

“We have a lot of students who are highly motivated to take a great number of our upper-level classes that are AP and dual credit. That translates into less course work they’ll have to take in college,” Dr. Dearman said.

Malson created an online petition to voice concerns about decreasing physical education. If you want to sign the petition, we have it here.

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