East Peoria City Council to discuss new design of Camp Street, River Road intersection


EAST PEORIA, Ill.– Drivers in East Peoria will be impacted by construction next year. The city is deciding to try a different route to improve the area of River Road and Camp Street.

Tuesday, the city council voted to revamp the intersection next year. The original plan was to create a round-a-bout, but they decided to make it a traditional signal intersection instead. The plan comes with a $144,450 price tag, which is less than they would have paid to create a round-a-bout.

New turn signals will be added to make sure drivers have a smoother and safer experience.

The main issue that drivers see is a no turn left lane coming off of Camp Street. At certain times of the day, it can take a few light cycles before you can be on your way to your destination.

“There were like three or four cars making [illegal] left turns,” said local driver Bernard Giles, who also works on River Road. “They’re having to wait for the cars that are coming so that slowed things down and I was kind of on a real quick schedule. I had to run and get something and get back to the hotel so… it can be frustrating.”

Drivers said that they’re happy it’s not a round-a-bout, but they’re still eager for a permanent fix.

“In the evening time, around three or four it could get pretty bad too with just cars not being able to turn left or trying to do the same thing and getting stuck right there in front of the Sprint store trying to make that u-turn,” said Giles.

Commissioner Daniel Deck said with the updated intersection, drivers will have easier access to surrounding businesses.

We want as many people as we can get to have access to Embassy Suites and Steak and Shake and that part of town. We don’t want them to have to go past, turn around and come back. We want them to be able to come over the bridge turn left and turn right into it.

Commissioner Daniel Decker, East Peoria City Council

The city’s goal is to begin reworking the intersection in the summer of 2020.

This project is being funded by the Peoria-Pekin Urbanized Area Transportation Study Policy and Technical Committees (PPUATS).

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