East Peoria food distribution company plans to expand into cannabis infusing, crafting


EAST PEORIA, Ill.– Facing the truck driver shortage, an East Peoria food distribution company is considering launching a side business to create revenue and stay afloat by crafting and infusing cannabis.

The East Peoria Zoning Board of Appeals approved Sorce Enterprises‘ request to start the process, but it does come with a specification.

Roy Sorce says his third-generation East Peoria family business located at 3201 N. Main St., employs 20 people. In fear of job loss, relocation of the business or closing altogether, he aims to keep his business open by turning a new leaf.

“The food distribution industry has changed a lot,” said Roy Sorce. “Competition’s increased and the players are getting larger and larger. We’re a smaller family business and I want to make sure my employees have long term jobs in this area.”

Monday night, East Peoria’s Zoning Board of Appeals approved the request, but with a distance stipulation.

Sorce has to find a way to create a separate space to stay 1000 feet away from Rogy’s Learning Place Daycare, which is located across the street.

“The business survives,” said Sorce. “Employees still have jobs and that we create jobs for our local community. The zoning regulation does not specify whether it’s a thousand feet as the crow flies, or as a person legally walks or drives, which is 1.2 miles from here. We’re hoping that they will benefit us by looking at that type of distance. If not, we do have a facility in the back of our location that would allow us to still meet that requirement.”

The building would be a non-public access facility with 24/7 security. Sorce is looking at ways to accommodate the 1000 feet request. New cannabis growing permits must be submitted to the state by March.

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