PEORIA, Ill. (WMBD)– A Peoria mom is thankful her now 2-year-old son is able to use his left arm and hand to grip cups, pick up things and even hold himself up. Just a year ago, Monique Berry said she didn’t think this would be possible.

Easterseals was able to make an impactful transformation for the family. On Wednesdays, Easterseals occupational therapist, Meghan Day, works with 2-year-old Demari.

“They actually take their time,” said Monique Berry, Demari’s mom. “They actually are in it for the kids. You know, there not in a rush.”

They do exercises that focus on strength, stretching, and fine motor skills, which target his left arm.

“Demari is just such a fun kid,” said Meghan Day an occupational therapist for Easterseals. “The thing is, he’s so tolerant. He tries everything and it’s so great.”

Berry said that any of his progression wouldn’t be possible without the help and guidance from Easterseals.

“I’m very very lucky to have Easterseals,” said Berry. “Easterseals helped me. I don’t know what I would have done without them. He’s come so far. He’s come so far from things that I thought he never would have done. Easterseals made it happen.”

With every ‘good job,’ Demari makes progress in a positive direction. Berry says working with Easterseals has shown how the organization caters to each individual child and family needs.

“It’s not just a boom, bam,” said Berry. “It’s like he had some things like I have to stay home so [Easterseals] came to me. They work around my schedule for different appointments.”

Demari continues his various therapy appointments and makes progress each day.
With help around the clock and guidance from Easterseals staff, Berry said it’s the best decision she’s made for her son.

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