EXCLUSIVE: Actor Curran Walters gives closer look at Red Hood, teases season 3 of DC Titans


PEORIA, Ill. (WMBD) — The landscape of DC Titans is about to change in season 3.

One of the fan-favorite actors, Curran Walters, goes from playing Jason Todd’s Robin, to playing an antihero called Red Hood.

Sheehan: How does it feel to be playing the first live-action Red Hood? It’s gotta be a big task for you.

“Yeah man, it’s a question I get a lot. When I first found out, I had this sense of pressure on me, but I dove into the character more and really found what I was going to do with the character. I did what I wanted to do, the same thing I did with Jason Todd. There are always going to be people who love it and hate it. I just went with my gut and did my best performance,” Walters told Sheehan.

Sheehan: I’ve seen the first two seasons, and some of season 3, talk about playing Jason Todd/Robin and now making that switch to Red Hood.

“It was a big switch. They have their similarities and their differences, but the biggest thing was finding that other level of anger. Because Jason Todd had this swag, this cockiness to him,” Walter said. “Now, with this transition to Red Hood and everything he’s been through, the trauma. It’s this anger but it’s this fear that he has of the Titans and everyone around him. He has this protective shield, in a way.”

“My favorite thing is playing a superhero. It’s something you dream of as a kid, and now that it’s a reality, it’s kind of like whoa! I’m doing what I love and I’m playing what I wanted to be as a kid. Playing a superhero… nothing tops it in my opinion,” Walters said.

Sheehan: A lot of times when it comes to taking on different roles, people will switch up how they prepare. Whether it be a new fitness routine, a new diet, anything like that. Talk to me about your preparation for this role.

“As we all went through with COVID, it really opened my eyes during our off-season. We were supposed to be filming, then we basically had a year off. I took that time to get to know Red Hood even better. I went out and bought all the books regarding his backstories and origin stories,” Walters said. “I also put on about 20 pounds of muscle between season 2 and season 3. Because I read the comments. Ya know, ‘He’s too skinny, he’s too this, too that.’ I’m like alright, I’m gonna do my best to get into the Red Hood shape. I cut dairy out of my life which has improved my skin a lot. I changed my diet. I’ve really been focusing on my health these past two years, immensely.”

Sheehan: Would you say season 3 is the best season yet?

“Absolutely. In my opinion, it is. Story-wise, character-wise, it’s pretty amazing.”

Sheehan: When it comes to Red Hood there are gonna be a lot of people asking about the future of Red Hood. Whether it be strictly in Titans or spin-offs.

“I’m gonna show you this cool thing I got, how cool is that?” Walters shows Sheehan his Red Hood mask. “I’m here for a spin-off if they want to do a spin-off. That’s all I gotta say. I would love to do one,” Walters smiled.

You can see the video below.

Walters then showed a Batarang, a crowbar the Joker uses to “kill” Jason Todd, a Robin action figure, and some fan art that was made for him.

Sheehan: Growing up, as a kid, were you a huge Batman fan?

“My favorite superheroes growing up were Batman and Spiderman. There’s a picture of me on my social media somewhere wearing a Batman costume when I was like 3 or 4. It’s destiny in my opinion. It’s been such an honor being part of this show. I hope we go another 10 seasons. I never want it to end,” Walters laughed.

Walters said episode 5 is his favorite episode for Red Hood’s character.

“It really explores what Jason went through, his trauma. Dealing with where he’s at right now and with the Titans. It’s a juicy episode. You gotta watch episode 5. If you gotta watch one episode, it’s the finale and episode 5 in my opinion,” Walters said.

For people who haven’t watch Titans yet? What are some reasons they should start?

“How can you not like a superhero show? That’s my opinion. It’s getting better and better by the season, too,” Walters laughed.

Sheehan: I’ve also seen your social media and seen the stunts you’ve been able to do. Especially when you were on the roof and fell. How was that? And how do you think they turned out?

“We have such an amazing stunt team. I did as much as I could, stunt-wise. But without my stunt double Thomas, I couldn’t have done any of it. He was amazing. Preparation-wise, we had some military people come in and teach us combat training. We did a lot of boxing, martial arts, a lot of hand moving. The way Red Hood fights is very different than how Jason Todd fights. It has its similarities, but with the guns and everything, it’s different.”

Talk about the Titans fan base. What do you wanna say to them before season 3?

“The fan base of this show is out of this world. From every place in the world, I have a fan.”

Walters says he sees the love and the hate on social media and wants to thank the fans for his support.

“I love them all.”

DC Titans season 3 comes to HBO Max on Thursday, August 12.

You can watch seasons 1 and 2 already on the streaming service.

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