Three contestants remain for the series finale of American Idol, but before the show ends, we asked a couple of former Idol contestants what their favorite moments were from past seasons. 
It’s the end of an era as American Idol comes to a close. 
“You know, we got to meet a lot of really great people, so getting to meet like Jamie Foxx, or going to Mo Town with Smokey Robinson and him showing us around, those are the moments I’ll remember,” said former American Idol winner, Kris Allen. 
“We had a lot of great experiences , just the entire process is really rewarding it was very…you know, it’s exhausting, it’s just like a crash course into the music industry, you’re thrust into the spotlight overnight,” said Pia Toscano, a former American Idol Contestant as well. 
Former contestant Danny Gokey also has fond memories from his performances. 
“I just remember Jamie Foxx was in my face, one of the mentors that year, and he started just getting in my face saying you gotta let it go, you gotta sing, you gotta ‘I’m in your face’ you know, he just telling me you gotta let it go. That day, I just you know, it was kind of like a personal victory because I was really struggling, I was really nervous and I just let it go when I got up there.  It was one of my favorite performances ever,” said Gokey, now a hit Christian singer. 
The field narrows down to two contestants on Wednesday night as America votes for the next and final American Idol.