25-year-old Eric Lind elected mayor of Eureka


EUREKA, Ill. (WMBD) — On April 6, Residents of Eureka elected a millennial for mayor.

25-year-old Eric Lind is no stranger to local politics. A 17-year resident of Eureka, he served as the city’s Ward III Alderman from 2016-2018 and previously ran for mayor.

This second time around, he won 68% of the vote, handily winning the seat that eluded him before.

“This something that’s always been in the back of my brain and the opportunity came up again and I felt a calling to do it,” said Lind.

Lind said he has always been interested in politics, but prefers participating in local government, rather than state or federal office.

“I feel like this is where we make the most impact on people and serve people the best,” Lind said.

Some residents said his broad knowledge of government will come in handy as mayor, and view his young age as an asset.

“He has a very good understanding of the government system and the workings of how cities operate, and the infrastructure and the needs that we have. I think its encouraging for young people to be involved, and Eric’s past has only shown his current interest,” said Jaimie McFarlin, manager at Eureka Et Cetera Thrift Shop.

Julie McArdle, manager of Maurie’s Sugar Shop, employs people that have developmental disabilities and said Lind is very supportive of the cause.

“So being an advocate for us, we know he’s going to be happy with our mission and [will] help us be as successful as we can be,” said McArdle.

Lind said he is looking forward to getting started. His term begins the second week of May.

“Just having that young perspective, right, that’s key for me in bringing unique things to the table …I’m happy to take the reins and the keep the city moving in a really positive direction,” he said.

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