Families speak out on lawsuits against City Lift parent company


Two families are filing lawsuits against City Lift’s parent company.

They claim the company dropped off their children with special needs at incorrect locations.

One was supposed to be taken home and the other dropped off at summer camp.

“We’re hoping that this doesn’t happen to any other disabled or elderly person. We need to get that justice, we need to answers. We have to find out for the public if MV Transportation and City Link are training people correctly to do the jobs that they do,” said Bertha Mize-Jackson.

Bertha’s lawsuit claims that Andre Walker, a City Lift driver, dropped off her grandson at a Casey’s in Morton on June 18. His home is miles away in the Peoria East Bluff.

“We entrusted City Lift to bring my grandson home, as well as they picked him up to take him there. When it got to the point that he was not home within that 15-30 minute window, that’s when we became very worried,” Mize-Jackson said.

Mize-Jackson’s attorneys Andy Hale and Shawn Barnett learned what happened shortly after the incident.

They were shocked when, after the news reported Marcus’ story, another family stepped forward with a very similar experience.

“We were hoping that the incident involving Bertha’s grandson was a one-off. Because how could a program that prides itself on transporting special needs children and the disabled, how could they ever let this happen to another child?” Barnett said.

“If it had not been for a good Samaritan calling Morton Police and saying ‘hey we see a boy walking down a country road,’ this could have had a much worse ending. He had been gone for a couple hours,” Hale said.

Barnett and Hale say that Morgan Jackson’s 13-year-old son, who has not been named, was dropped off at Living Water Lutheran Church on June 4 instead of being taken to summer camp.

Bertha Mize-Jackson’s grandson Marcus was then left in Morton only two weeks later.

Barnett says the goal of this lawsuit is to make sure this never happens again.

“Thankfully both children were returned to their families and both children appear to be unharmed. But what about the next child? Or the child after that? Part of the reason that we file these lawsuits and part of the reason that the families are so involved is because they don’t want this to happen to any other child,” Barnett said.

We did reach out to City Lift, who said they have no comment.

The lawsuit was officially filed on Wednesday, so we should hear in the next month who will be defending MV Transportation and how the case will move forward.

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