PEKIN, Ill. (WMBD) — The father of a man who killed four people at a Tennessee Waffle House in 2018 appeared in Tazewell County court on Thursday.

In May, Jeffrey Reinking was found guilty of illegally delivering a gun to his son Travis, who used the weapon during the mass shooting.

Reinking and his attorney have filed a motion asking a judge to reconsider the case.

Reinking’s new attorney Mike Doubet said that the attorney who represented Reinking during his trial showed deficiencies.

Doubet claims that Reinking didn’t sign off on the stipulations for the trial and all evidence wasn’t used to help his case. One issue specifically brought up on Thursday was the use of the word “give” versus “returned” in regard to Jeffrey delivering a gun to Travis.

Attorneys also argued whether or not Jeffrey knew that Travis was treated at a mental health facility in 2016 before turning over a gun to him.

“Officers that testified, given what they testified to, certainly did establish that Mr. Reinking knew that when he was taken UnityPoint Methodist Medical Center, he knew why Travis Reinking was going there,” said Mike Holly, assistant Tazewell County State’s Attorney.

“If these officers thought this was such a big crisis and it was such a danger and a problem, then why didn’t they under their own authority report it to the State Police within 24 hours,” said Mike Doubet, attorney for Jeffrey Reinking.

A judge did not make a decision on the motion. Reinking’s next court appearance is scheduled for January 6th.