Local health center offers COVID-19 antibody test, results in three to seven days

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PEORIA, Ill. (WMBD)– Anti-body testing is underway in Peoria, providing curious people with an answer to whether or not they’ve had COVID-19. While there are hundreds on the market, a local health center backs only one they say provides the most trusted results.

Senara, a Peoria owned health center, offers Abbott Labs’ COVID-19 antibody test. The center saying it’s an antibody test used to detect the presence of antibodies, not to diagnose active infections. Learn more: https://www.abbott.com/corpnewsroom/product-and-innovation/abbott-launches-covid-19-antibody-test.html

Although it may take up to 14 days after the onset of symptoms for antibodies to be developed within the body, 91% of people develop such antibodies within the first 8-13 days. Some people infected with COVID-19 will never exhibit symptoms but will have a detectable antibody response.

“You definitely want to make sure if you’re getting [the antibody test] done, you’re choosing a test that’s one of the best ones out there,” said Penny Kramer, Senara’s CEO. “Abbott’s from Illinois and they actually have one of the better tests as well. It’s 99.8% accurate, which is about as close to 100% as you’re going to get.”

Curious about how it works, WMBD’s Rebecca Brumfield took the blood test to see if she had the antibodies for the virus.

“It is $160 for the test and then once you fill out that form, we get you scheduled as quickly as possible,” said Kramer. “You come in. You come back and get your blood drawn. We actually do a full blood draw. We do not to a finger stick…those are probably some of the ones you want to avoid at this point, and then we send it off to the lab.”


Senara offers not only testing for COVID-19 IgG antibody testing but also testing for Vitamin D and Zinc levels. Both are key indicators of how well your immune system might respond to viruses and if additional supplementation is needed to boost levels for improved immune support.

COVID-19 Antibody Test + Vitamin D & Zinc Level Testing (recommended)

COVID-19 Antibody Test + Vitamin D Level Testing

COVID-19 Antibody Test + Zinc Level Testing

COVID-19 Antibody Test ONLY

About three to seven days after your blood draw, the results come in. Rebecca’s results were negative, meaning she doesn’t have the antibodies for COVID-19. Senara’s CEO saying they have seen about a 4% positivity rate from the over 400 tests the health center has performed.

Appointments must be made for this service.

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