Heartland Community College shutdown because of security breach


NORMAL, Ill. (WMBD) — Heartland Community College remains shutdown as school administrators are trying to investigate a security breach that happened on Monday. The school’s IT department says an outside source compromised some of its online systems.

“We’ve not seen anything that has affected us to this degree in the past,” said HCC Spokesman Steve Fast. “I also should point out, that we have never had this much online instruction before.”

An online scam, that Fast says was caught early, has resulted in an investigation into the matter, but it may have come too late.

“Not all individuals interact with these systems in the same way,” said Fast. “By not being able to offer equal access to everyone, we have determined that we will just take the system down until we can get it working for everybody.”

Until then students, teachers and staff are on stand by, but Fast says they’re not alone.

“We have seen some instance of other colleges that have had to deal with this,” he said. “It’s something that, unfortunately in the greater scope of things, isn’t tremendously unique. It’s a concern that everyone should worry about.”

Administrators are urging students and staff to stay tuned to the school’s social media accounts, where updates will be posted about what the future will hold.

Fast also says they’re working with professors to determine how this will affect their lesson plans, as students have not been in class this week.

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