SPRINGFIELD, Ill. (WMBD) — Starting Jan. 1, 2022, the Firearm Owner Identification (FOID) Card will look a bit different.

An announcement from the Illinois State Police (ISP) Firearms Services Bureau (FSB) Monday morning revealed two major changes that aim to make the FOID card process simpler in 2022:

New Cards

New cards will be printed without expiration dates as FOID cards are replaced. When a new FOID card is issued, if the cardholder also has a valid Conceal Carry License (CCL), a combined FOID and CCL card will be issued.

If a FOID Card is suspended, and the cardholder also has a CCL, the CCL will be suspended until the FOID Card has been reinstated. The CCL will automatically be reinstated if the FOID card is reinstated.

If a CCL is revoked or suspended, but the individual is still eligible for a FOID card, the person will retain the combined card, but it will show a revoked CCL in the Law Enforcement Automated Data System (LEADS).


If a licensee’s FOID Card expires during the term of the license, the FOID Card will be automatically renewed without the licensee having to pay a renewal fee, and the licensee will be sent a new combined FOID Card and CCL.

Combined cards will neither have an expiration date nor an issuance date on their face and will serve as both the cardholder’s FOID and their CCL at the same time.

ISP Director Brendan Kelly said the department will work to make sure the changes will benefit Illinoisans across the state.

“We are pleased by the fact that this will decrease duplicity within the FOID and CCL program, which will, in turn, save time and money for both applicants and taxpayers,” Kelly said.