CHICAGO (WGN) — A Chicago resident is sharing her encounter with the woman accused of killing and dismembering her boarding house owner.

The woman, who Nexstar’s WGN is not naming, alleges Sandra Kolalou sang to her before trying to kill her back in January in a Chicago condo stairwell.

“She started to sing, ‘I’m a doctor, I can kill you. I’m a doctor, I can help you,’” the woman said.

The woman alleges Kolalou also knocked her to the ground for no reason.

“She got on top of me, she put her hand over my nose, squeezed it shut,” the woman said. “Put her other hand over my mouth, closed it shut. Tried to kill me.”

The woman, who has asthma, had taken a breath from her inhaler before the alleged assault, she said. She claims Kolalou tried to jam the inhaler into her mouth.

“I had one breath left and I bit what I thought was her hand. What I ended up biting was her finger,” the woman said. That gave her time to call for help, she said.

“(Officers) tried to get her up off the floor, tried to take her away. Which they eventually did, taking her to a psychiatric hospital.”

She was charged with battery but was found not guilty during a trial over the summer.

Kolalou was arrested and charged last week, accused of killing and dismembering her boarding house owner, Frances Walker, 69. Walker’s remains were found Monday in the freezer of their boarding house.

Other tenants told police they heard screaming and had called the police several times. They reported their landlord missing around 7 p.m., and her body was found hours later.

Tenants told police Kolalou had called a tow truck to the building. She allegedly pulled a knife on the tow truck driver and ordered the person to drive. Near where she had directed the tow truck driver to take her, bloody rags were found in a garbage can, police said.

After the discovery of the rags, police went into the boarding house. That’s when they say they found blood in Walker’s bedroom and her remains in a freezer.

WGHP’s Emily Mikkelsen contributed to this report.