NORMAL, Ill. (WMBD) — In Thursday’s gubernatorial debate at Illinois State University, college students got a chance to watch Gov. JB Pritzker and Sen. Darren Bailey go head-to-head. Many students were hoping to get a clearer picture of who they’ll support next month.

However, a debate with a lot of back-and-forth and talking over each other is leaving some students with more questions than answers.

“If I’m honest, neither candidate is operating in the realm of reality,” said Jon Lones, an ISU student.

In the hourlong debate, students watching live at ISU’s Brown Ballroom as both men debated abortion, crime and the state’s economy.

On abortion, many students are leaning toward Pritzker.

“I feel strongly about my rights and I don’t think they should be changed,” said ISU student Mia Norris.

“I really love Pritzker’s view side for it, because my thing with abortions is I am a man so I can’t really speak about that,” said Joey Lemaster.

Students who spoke to WMBD also said they favor Pritzker’s views on the highly debated SAFE-T act, that on January 1 would eliminate cash bail

“We live in a police state,” said Lones. “The United States houses more than 22% of the world’s prison population despite only making up 4% of the world population.”

One topic students were looking for more answers on was the cost of higher education, but both Pritzker and Bailey danced around questions regarding free community college.

“They talked about community college but I think it’s really important to consider trade schools as well because college is great, and I’m grateful for my experience and going to ISU, but we need people working blue collar jobs,” said Norris.

Overall, many students were left with more answers than questions following a debate of name-calling and back-and-forth.

“On both sides they’re answering the questions, but they’re just saying the other person is lying and so I’d like to hear what the truth is,” said student Pierce McDade. “Maybe I’m going to have to do my own research.”