CHICAGO (WMBD) — Governor JB Pritzker announced Friday that Illinois has launched $15.4 million in tourism funding through two grant programs.

The funding is provided by the Tourism Attractions Grant Program, which gave $10.8 million, and the Tourism Private Sector Grant Program, which gave $4.6 million to attract, develop, and improve tourism-related projects and events to boost tourism throughout the state.

“Illinois is the heart of the Midwest—attracting visitors from throughout the nation and around the globe,” said Governor JB Pritzker. “As our tourism industry continues to bounce back from the pandemic, I’m happy to announce another $15.4 million in tourism funding, so we can keep breaking records and displaying Illinois values of resilience and strength on an international scale.”

The Tourism Attractions Grant Program money will be going toward the development or improvement of tourism attractions in the state. The attractions will include museums, recreation areas, amusement parks, and the like.

The money from the Tourism Private Sector Grant Program will fund entities to attract, host, and develop new or enhanced events in Illinois.

Pritzker’s office said the success of Illinois’ tour sector is due to the Illinois Office of Tourism’s “Middle of Everything” campaign which has helped gain an additional two million visitors who have spent an additional $1 billion visiting Illinois businesses.

To learn more about the grants or the tourism campaign, visit the Office of Tourism’s website.