PEKIN, Ill. (WMBD) — A Tazewell County judge on Thursday granted a delay to hear multiple motions for the civil case against Reditus Labs CEO Aaron Rossi.

Rossi is accused of pushing out his former business partner and using company funds for improper purposes.

The one-month stay will allow accounting firm Plante Moran to produce a forensic analysis of the company. The forensic analysis will “facilitate resolution of this highly complicated, contested and volatile litigation” by providing a complete picture of all Reditus Labs financial transactions and “thereby, provide immediate answers to the ‘how much, where and why’ financial inquiries”, according to the motion to stay proceedings.

Plante Moran was retained by the court-appointed receiver, Adam Silverman, who is temporarily overseeing the company’s finances.

“Once the Forensic Analysis is completed and shared, much of the smoke will clear and core issues will be identified. It is highly likely there will be momentum for earnest mediation,” the motion reads.

Lawyers on both sides agreed the analysis could allow the multiple parties involved in the lawsuit to come to an agreement known as mediation, thereby avoiding a contentious years-long litigation process.

The parties are due back in court on July 19.