Incumbent Peoria County Board member files economic interest receipt one minute past deadline


PEORIA, Ill. — Missing the deadline by that much.

Incumbent Peoria County Board Member Barry John Robinson didn’t get the correct paperwork in on time.

One minute late, to be exact.

The cut-off time to get the Economic Interest receipt to the Election Commission was 5:00 p.m. Monday.

Robinson filed his petition to run for the District 3 Board Member position in late November.

He was elected to the Peoria County Board in 2016 and was born and raised in Peoria.

We spoke with Robinson over the phone on Tuesday, he tells WMBD he sent the receipt via email at 4:58.

Robinson says he was at the Peoria County Clerk’s office getting the paperwork submitted.

But the Election Commissions’ Executive Director Thomas Bride said the Economic Interest receipt wasn’t received until 5:01.

After receiving counsel from the Peoria County Board Chairman Andrew Rand, Robinson is waiting to give an official statement until Friday but tells WMBD he is planning to appeal the Election Commissions’ decision.

The County Clerk’s website describes what potential candidates must do to officially get on a ballot.

“Beginning January 1, 1994, persons required to file a Statement of Economic Interests (PDF) include all elected and appointed officials and local government employees who have authority to authorize the expenditure of public funds, execute contracts and issue licenses and permits. The Illinois Attorney General has ruled that lists of required filers must be certified by the local unit of government to the County Clerk for the county where the local unit of government’s principal office is located. All candidates seeking public office must file a current Statement of Economic Interests with the County Clerk in the same year they file candidate’s petitions and attach a receipt for such filings with their petitions,” the website says.

Robinson said no matter what the outcome is, he will fulfill the rest of his tenure.

He added that he does plan to appeal the Election Commissions’ decision, but if he is not able to get on the ballot, Robinson plans to retire and support the other candidate on the ballot, Betty Duncan.

Both Robinson and Duncan are running as Democrats.

This story will be updated.

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