“It’s dirty business.” Trucking company employees respond to parking lot fight with Peoria County Board member; video emerges


TREMONT, Ill. — A parking lot throwdown was all caught on camera.

This lead to the arrest of Peoria County Board member Matthew Windish on Tuesday.

Owner of A&R Bulk, Kevin Turner, says Windish parked one of his trailers in Turner’s parking lot blocking some of his trucks.

A&R Bulk is located at 22301 State Route 9 in Tremont.

A mechanic at A&R Bulk tells WMBD he then proceeded to park his car in front of a different trailer Windish had parked on the lot, to ensure Windish could not leave the property without paying for parking there.

“He then pulled around, he couldn’t hook up to the trailer cause my car was in front of it. He did try. He pulled around behind my car, got real close to it, I had seen him grab a chain. At that point I thought he was gonna drag my car, and I didn’t want any damage to my vehicle,” said A&R Bulk mechanic Christian Wolf.

That’s when Wolf took out his phone and explained the story to WMBD.

“I started recording, me and the other mechanic here Matthew, walked outside. We started videotaping. I told him, ‘Hey, this is private property, that’s my vehicle it’s not a company car,” Wolf said.

Wolf then handed the phone off the Matthew Cole as Wolf tried to talk to Windish.

“He wanted to get kind of aggressive, he was yelling, screaming. Then he was laying on the ground trying to hook the chain underneath my car. I was trying to prevent it I was standing on the chain. He started smacking my hands away, smacking my feet and then hit me with the chain on the leg,” Wolf added.

“After that he managed to get the chain hooked up. I tried to grab it to unhook it, we kind of pulled back and forth on the chain. We fell over and he grabbed the chain and put it over the back of my head while we were on the ground,” Wolf said.

“I was just parking my car there and then I was trying to let him know ‘hey to cops, my boss are on the way you guys can discuss it.’ Whatever, it’s not my argument. I collect money from the guys pretty often from our regular parkers. I’ve never had an issue like that. Usually, it’s a handshake and a ‘have a good day,’ Wolf added.

“He ended up on top with the chain on me again, and that’s when he tried to kind of smack at me and hit at me, and tried to get the chain around my head. Luckily a truck driver showed up in the middle of that,” said Wolf.

Wolf says he wishes this never happened, and that Windish attacked him with a chain.

“It makes the day a little rough. Kind of changes your whole plans for the week. It’s definitely been a busy week so far,” Wolf said.

Another mechanic, Matthew Cole, was there at the time videotaping the whole fight.

“I was just holding the camera, ya know? It just happened so fast. I told the guy ‘We’re videoing! Cops are on the way, hold on a minute and quit.’ It just went down. The cops showed up and we showed the cops the video, what happened. And that was it,” Cole said.

“They went and talked to him, determined he was the aggressor, and then arrested him,” Cole added.

Cole adds he thinks Windish started all of this on purpose.

“He knew what he was doing, causing trouble. He parked in the way. The guys started coming in and now they can’t park,” Wolf said.

Wolf said he didn’t know Windish was a Peoria County Board member, but that it doesn’t matter who he is.

“It really didn’t matter. He’s over here swinging a chain and wrapping it around a kid’s neck. You’re beating on a kid, man. It’s ridiculous,” Wolf said.

WMBD reached out to Windish on Friday, and received no response.

The owner of A&R Bulk tells WMBD the Tazewell County State’s Attorney plans to have more information on the investigation next week.

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