Emotions are still running high after last week’s presidential election.

Monday, Illinois Wesleyan University, in Bloomington, gave students, staff, and community members the chance to talk about their concerns in a postive enviornment. Dozens of people joined the town hall-style event, including students and Hillary Clinton supporters. Many spoke about their frustrations concerning racism and sexism.

Political Science Chair Greg Shaw says the school saw that, due to some of President-elect Donald Trump’s rhetoric throughout the campaign, students are afraid.

“I have student who is the daughter of an undocumented immigrant, and she’s very concerned that her mother will be deported. That has a very real, concrete, now implication for us as a community here,” he said.

Shaw said the event was aimed at making sure students feel safe no matter their religion, race, or gender.

“We will have many disagreements. And that’s okay that’s part of who we are as an organization, right? But the students can experience this as a place to think out loud and learn together,” he explained.

Shaw says, after such an emotionally charged election, he doesn’t want to see college students, many first-time voters, give up on the democratic process.