Law Enforcement Appreciation Day highlighted in central Illinois


WASHINGTON, Ill. — A day to honor those who serve our communities.

The City of Washington celebrated Law Enforcement Celebration Day by partnering with Kep’s Sports Bar and Grill to provide food for officers on all three shifts.

City officials say they are extremely grateful for everything the Police Department does and officers say they appreciate the support from their very own community.

“We’ve gotten cookies, we got some drawings from the kids in town and our sergeants have been spending time with us,” said Washington Police Officer Zach Bean.

Washington Mayor Gary Manier and City Administrator Ray Forsythe came by the Police Department on Thursday to celebrate. Forsythe says the officers go into unpredictable situations every day.

“You never know what’s gonna happen when you knock on someone’s door or pull someone over in a traffic incident. Our police officers are out there doing a lot of hard work for the residents and it’s really appreciated by elected officials but also us the administration in the city,” Forsythe said.

“Their presence gives peace of mind to residents, comfort knowing there’s somebody out there looking out for them. Not every day’s a good day if you get pulled over for a speeding ticket, but they’re protecting the residents and the livelihood of our businesses as well,” Forsythe added.

Officer Bean grew up in Morton, and now has been on the Washington Police force for over 9 years. He says the community has always been very supportive of the Department.

“Washington’s done a great job at really supporting us in the Police Department. Everyone comes out of the woodwork to really show their appreciation on a day like today,” Bean said.

We spoke with Washington Police Chief Mike McCoy who says the community has been great to his department all day.

“My wife brought me my protein drink this morning while I was getting dressed, a little girl brought us some cookies. It’s pretty cool that there’s been a couple nice Facebook posts as well,” Chief McCoy said.

“We’re fortunate here in Washington, we’ve got a great Police Department with a lot of dedicated people and the community really responds well with us,” Chief McCoy added.

“Bad things happen everywhere, and Washington’s not immune from having bad things happen. We train hard, we’re educated, and we just have to be on our toes and it’s nice that people appreciate what we do every now and then,” Chief McCoy said.

The Peoria Police Department also celebrated National Law Enforcement Day on Thursday when Pizza Ranch brought them pizzas and treats.

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