Le Roy schools go remote this week due to COVID-19 uptick


LE ROY, Ill (WMBD) — the le Roy school district is changing in-person instruction due to an uptick in COVID-19 cases.

The superintendent says, as a result staff have developed a plan outlining what the rest of the semester will look like.

From now on core classes, such as Math, English, Science, Social Science, Foreign Language will be offered in a fully remote environment. Only students where the IEP dictates instruction services can only be provided in-person, will learn in person. Where the IEP dictates access to resource time, that resource time will be made available in-person. Where the IEP dictates that support services can only be provide in-person, those services will be in-person. Driver Education Behind the Wheel will be available in-person.

For high schoolers, Non-Core Content Classes such as Business, Art, Music, Ag, Industrial Arts, Physical Education will be suspended for this week.

If someone in junior high gets the virus, the students entire grade level would be fully remote for 5-days.

If someone in the elementary school gets virus, the students entire grade level would be fully remote for 5-days and would only focus on English-language arts and math. Until then Pre-k through 8th grade students will remain learning in-person.

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