Gas tax increase could help fund Peoria road projects

Living Well

PEORIA, Ill. — An increase in the state’s gas tax would double the tax from 19 to 38 cents and the money will help fund road projects in Peoria County.

Over the weekend, lawmakers approved a plan which would double the state’s gas tax from 19 to 38 cents. If Gov. J.B. Pritzker signs the bill, higher prices will start on July 1. 

Peoria County administrator Scott Sorrel says money collected would pay for road improvements and maintenance for five projects. The projects proposed include county highways on Knoxville Avenue, Sheridan Road, and Lake Avenue. 

“We’ve communicated to our legislators what our priorities are, and so we’re hopeful that we’ll see some of those or all of those funded,” Sorrel said. 

One of the least expensive of the projects would take place on Lake Street and costs three million dollars. 

“Roads are expensive. They’re not just something that you can do with a couple hundred thousand dollars,” Sorrel said. 

If local projects get approved, Sorrel says that work could begin as early as next spring. 

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