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'Hakuna Matata: It means no worries' as the 'The Lion King' arrives in Peoria

PEORIA - More than 85 million people around the world have experienced the phenomenon of Disney's "The Lion King," and now the Tony Award-winning musical is here in Peoria.

Starting Tuesday night, you can catch a show at the Peoria Civic Center, and it runs through Oct. 13.

From stunning visuals and recognizable music, to a story filled with hope and adventure, the Serengeti is making a pit stop downtown.

"It's a fantastic event for us because not only do local Peorians get to enjoy this show, but 40 percent of the attendees are outside of fifty miles that have already bought tickets," Rik Edgar, the General Manager at the Peoria Civic Center said. "It's a great economic benefit to our restaurants and our hotels as well as the local economy, and we just get this amazing event so it's a win win.. the locals and our guests so everyone gets a win from this."

The Peoria Civic Center is expecting to see over 75,000 people over the next several days, so officials wants to remind people that parking is limited, to get there early, and to buy tickets before they sell out. 

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