PEORIA Ill. (WMBD) — The “Elite Re-Entry” program is designed to give inmates the resources needed to be successful members of the community.

10 inmates all gathered in the jail in their nicest attire to receive certifications and celebrate their accomplishments.

The six-week re-entry program includes classes on overcoming self-sabotaging behaviors, classes on fatherhood, managing addictions, and healthy communication skills.

“They really teach you in order to change you gotta own up to each and everything you can’t push the blame onto nobody,” said inmate Joshua Bowen. “17 years and I’m tired, I’m done. I hope I never see the inside of these doors in the position I’m in. I hope the next time I come through here I’ll be in the class teaching it with him”

Re-entry case manager Angel Cruz helped put the entire program together and designs specific plans for each inmate to be successful once released into society.

“We create a navigational plan with each individual to figure out those areas they need assistance and resources and services with the most so we can see them become returning citizens,” said Cruz.

Once released the ten men will have work opportunities thanks to employers that came to the jail to interview in the final week of the program.