10 international students learn to work together through the Friends Forever International Program

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BLOOMINGTON, Ill. — These past two weeks, Bloomington has been home to 10 Israeli students through the Friends Forever International Program.

In Israel,  Palestinians and Jewish Israeli’s have been in conflict for years.

The program invites 5 Palestinian and 5 Jewish Israeli’s students to America to complete service projects in town with non-profits like the Boys and Girls club.

Students learn many leadership tactics, but mostly, they learn about themselves.

“There is bad people in Arab, there is bad people in Jewish, and they have good people in Jewish, so yeah you can live with them and have friends,” said Palestinian teen Layan Hashem.

After the program is over, with their new-found knowledge, the 10 students will go back to Israel and complete a large service project together.

“We have a lot in common,” said Hod Malka, Jewish teen. “A lot more than we thought, we can do everything together and there is a very bright future (for us) together in Israel.

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