10 truck tires stolen from Peoria’s Midwest Food Bank

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PEORIA, Ill. (WMBD) — Ten truck tires were stolen over the weekend from Midwest Food Bank in Peoria.

Rolland Reed, the director of operations, said the cost to replace them is approximately $8,000. The tires were new and insurance won’t cover most of the cost.

Now, Reed said they’re looking for the people who did it. Security cameras caught two men in a Penske truck at the food bank in the early morning hours. The video also shows them stealing the tires.

“There were two guys. They worked in unison. They knew what they were doing. These are people that got experience working on trucks and tires, these weren’t rookies,” said Reed.

Reed also said he believes the pair knew the tires would be profitable and hard to track.

The stolen tires not only hurts the food pantry but the people who depend on it.

“The money that we have to use to replace those tires will not be able to be used to purchase food or fuel to be able to get food,” said Reed.

Reed also said this isn’t the first time equipment from the trucks has been stolen, and said other local charities have been affected, too.

Peoria Tire was quick to help Midwest Food Bank, replacing most of the tires on Monday, Reed said. Trucks will be back in commission and are scheduled to pick up and drop off loads tomorrow.

A GoFundMe has been set up to help raise money to replace the stolen tires. It can be found here.

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