13-year-old runs to a local gas station, allegedly escapes kidnapper

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PEORIA, Ill. — Sunday, a 13-year-old girl allegedly escaped a kidnapper at a Mobile gas station in Peoria.

Tyrell Murray of Peoria said he was inside the station in the 3000 block of N. Knoxville Ave. when he noticed an injured girl.

While talking to the store clerk he said he glanced out the window and saw the girl with a gash in her head and blood flowing down her chin.

“I happened to look and I’m like did I just see blood on her face and he’s like what [did] you say?” Murray said. “I’m like man this woman looks like she bleeding and I got close to her and I could tell she was a little bitty kid.”

Murray said he opened the door and quickly grabbed the girl, pulling her inside. As he wiped the blood off of her head with a paper towel he called the police.

Murray said the girl told him she came outside of a house to look at the snow, then someone in a car kidnapped her. He said the girl jumped out of the car and escaped.

However, Murray doesn’t totally believe her story.

“I don’t know if that may be the case here because you read about these young girls nowadays you know they getting on Facebook and thinking that they’re talking to somebody that’s a friend, but it’s really not it’s a pervert or a creep or something,” he said.

Also, Murray said he saw clothing in her backpack, which led him to believe initially, she may have gone with the alleged kidnapper willingly.

The Peoria Police Department and Advanced Medical Transport responded to the call.

The police confirmed there has been a report filed in connection with the incident, but said they cannot provide any more information because the case involves a minor.

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