15 Tri-County homes received quality of life upgrades to their houses

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15 homes in the Tri-County area are receiving much needed improvements to their homes and as WMBD’s Kyle Vincent shows us these upgrades will help their quality of life. 

“Can’t stand,” says Ron. “Can’t do nothing, and I’m bound to this bed. Now I’m out of here… finally.”

At no cost to them, Ron Edwards and his wife Natasha are getting a much needed improvement added to their home.

“A lot of these people can’t get out of their houses unless a couple of people carry them in their wheelchairs, because they don’t have a ramp,” says Jeff Heft. “Well that just shouldn’t be.”

His Helping Hands and ADA total access teamed up to build 15 ramps for 15 families on Saturday.

“Decided, well if we get a lot of volunteers and some good people that can lead teams, we’ll see how many we can do in a day,” says Heft. 

Hiring contractors and buying supplies can be very expensive especially for families with medical needs.

“What do people do that don’t have the financial means and they don’t have the VA benefits?” asks Heft. “What do they do? Are they just supposed to sit there and suffer? I don’t believe so.”

That’s what motivates Heft and his team.

“Just with the calling to help people, which I’ve had all my life, we decided that well this is a way we can help people,” says Heft. 

As for Natasha and Ron, well they are beyond grateful.

“I’m just excited. I’m happy! I can’t stop smiling! This here is truly a blessing for the whole family. It gives him the ability to get away from the house and that’s the main thing.”
“Now I can get in and out.”

When the final screw is put in and the ramp is finished ron is ready to roll and enjoy the world.

More than 100 volunteers are a part of the ramp build. 

A pre-build was held in may in East Peoria. 

Five of those new ramps are aluminum.  

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