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2017 Illinois DUI arrest numbers out

NORMAL, Ill. - With the summer weather, and more people out on the road, local police have been cracking down on DUI's.

The Alliance Against Intoxicated Motorists just released their 2017 Illinois DUI numbers. McLean County ranks #5 in the state with 237 DUI arrests. Normal police ranks #10 with 246 DUI arrests. The Normal Police Chief said though it's a great accomplishment for the department, he'd like to see a lower number of arrests.

"It is a mixed feeling because it's something that's so preventable out there," said Rick Bleichner, Normal Police Chief. "You would think that over years and years of aggressive enforcement and education, and raising awareness, that we would be able to eliminate this problem. But again it comes down to individual choices."

Chief Bleichner said Uber, Lift, a taxi or even a designated driver are better routes to take. He said he hopes everyone makes good choices during their 4th of July festivities.

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