PEORIA, Ill. (WMBD) — During the COVID-19 pandemic, businesses have closed, and jobs have been cut.

A Peoria financial planner says the new year could bring a new financial outlook.

Rockie Zeigler believes people are excited for 20-21 and longing for a sense of normalcy. He thinks the COVID-19 vaccine is a bright light, bringing hope to people across the country.

Ziegler says if people the vaccine could lead to industries reopening, people spending more, and the economy getting a boost.

“What I’m hoping is that more people will feel comfortable going to a movie theater, going to a restaurant, going to a gathering or even a large event like at the civic center. As we get back to normal at least in some sense, I’m hopeful that the economy will recover, especially the most hard hit areas like entertainment, hospitality, travel, and leisure. Things like that,” said Zeigler.

In 2021, Ziegler recommends setting a financial goal, and working towards it throughout the year.

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