PEORIA, Ill. (WMBD) — On Tuesday, riders were working in the gym at East Peoria’s Eastside Center with volunteers. On Friday, the same space is mostly empty.

It’s the end of Easterseals Central Illinois’ 2022 iCan Bike Camp. Friday’s sessions were mostly spent outside on the track.

After a warmup lap with volunteers, bikers who were ready to go solo took off on two wheels.

Riders like Aiden Remington said his favorite part of camp was flying around the track.

“Today, because I get to ride my bike.” said Remington.

Now Aiden wants to pass on what he’s learned.

“I just want to show my brother how to stop at a stop signs.” said Remington.

Aiden’s mother Lacey said she’s amazed by her son’s ability to ride in such a short time.

“I actually cried. He actually did that once inside and I just started crying happy tears as we call them because I was just so proud,” said Lacey Remington.

She’s seen her son’s confidence grow, even from day two of camp.

She believes he’s also learned an important life lesson.

“His confidence has grown. We talk about ‘you can do hard things’, because no one likes to do things that are hard, but we have to do those in life. So, this is one of those things.” said Remington.