WOODFORD COUNTY, Ill. (WMBD) — The chief deputy at the Woodford County Sheriff’s Office is reminding residents to lock their car doors following a rash of car burglaries over the weekend.

Chief Deputy Dennis Tipsword said 25 cars were broken into on the west side of Woodford County at Bayview Gardens and Germantown Hills between 2 a.m. and 5 a.m. Saturday night. Two guns were also stolen.

Among the cars broken into was a sheriff’s car, “from a neighboring agency whose officer lives in,” Woodford County, where a “bag or two of equipment” was stolen.

Tipsword said the sheriff’s car was forced open, while the other victims’ cars were all unlocked. Guns, electronics, tools and money were stolen from the unlocked cars.

Tipsword said there are simple ways to avoid becoming a target.

“Make sure that all those doors are locked because it is a crime of opportunity. You know this happens, kind of flares up off and on, and it’s always the same: the majority of the vehicles are just left unlocked and valuables are left inside. Sometimes the keys are left in the cars,” he said.

Tipsword said the sheriff’s office has a list of suspects, but no one has been arrested yet. He is asking anyone who has security footage to send them to the sheriff’s office.

Detective Gilson can be reached at 309-467-2375.