PEORIA, Ill. (WMBD) — Peoria City Council is still considering a new program aimed at curbing gun violence in communities across the nation.

The group behind the initiative is called Cure Violence Global. The group developed a health model to combat community violence. In order to achieve this, an assessment must be done on Peoria.

Monday night, city council members discussed $25,000 from rescue plan money to fund the assessment.

Questions were raised about who will be hired and if they are suitable for a job like this.

“Who is going out to these high-crime areas? Would it be a pastor, would it be a mother, who are these people? Also, what is important to me, and I’ve seen this too many years when we adopt a program… is the police department involved, do they know what’s going on?” asked, Peoria City Council District 2, Chuck Grayeb.

Leaders with Cure Violence Global said the police department would also be involved to help gather information and generate ideas. They said this approach is a collaborative effort among communities, and those hired would be recruited from the Peoria community.

In the PowerPoint presented, the Cure Violence approach goes as follows:

-Violence prevention that applies evidence-based public health strategies

-Detect and interrupt potentially violent situations

-Identify and change the thinking and behavior

-Change group norms that support and perpetuate the use of violence

The Peoria Public Health Administrator, Monica Hendrickson, said gun violence in Peoria is in fact a health issue, and it must be addressed as one.

“We call Cure Violence because it follows the four core values of how we address health issues in the field,” said Hendrickson.

Leaders with Cure Violence Global said they don’t know how long the assessment will take. After the assessment, hiring, training, and assistance will follow.