NORMAL Ill. (WMBD) — Hundreds of students from across the state were crammed into the Brown Ballroom at Illinois State University for the 2nd Annual Educators Rising Conference.

The students had the opportunity to hear from the 2022 Teacher of the Year Kimberly Rodostits as well as other experienced teachers.

Educator Rising Executive Director and 2018 Teacher of the Year Lindsey Jenson said celebrating teachers and educating future teachers is a day well spent.

“I think its important to have events like this that celebrate teaching but not only celebrate teachers but students who are looking to join our profession in the future,’ said Jenson.

The aspiring educators spent the majority of their day in breakout sessions like “motivating unmotivated learners”, “insights of a first-year teacher” and “classroom management”.
All the students who attended the conference are involved in extracurricular activities that explore teaching as a profession.

Social studies teacher Ryan Shick said he wants to motivate his students to achieve greatness while also keeping their attention.

“I try to make things fun and interesting ya know if the kids get bored you get bored. I don’t like to be bored so I try to keep it alive and energetic. Whenever it comes to what I try to do in class and everything else is just try to have the kids realize their own potential,” said Shick.