$300,000 roundabout planned for East Peoria in Spring 2020

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Projected to start in March of 2020, East Peoria drivers will be dealing with construction as a new roundabout is going in. 

East Peoria City Council approved $300,000 for the intersection of Camp Street and River Road.

Dan Decker, the commissioner for Streets and Public Improvements says this has been in the works for years, but is only slated to take a total of four months. 

“Many people believe roundabouts are better for the environment because people aren’t just sitting idly at stoplights,” Dan Decker, East Peoria commissioner for Roads and Improvements. 

City officials are ready for the change, but drivers aren’t as prepared.

“I don’t know if the roundabout is going to help,” says Kevin Rockey, local driver. “It’s going to back up traffic, so I’m not a fan on them.”

“I’m hopeful that it will speed up the traffic process and make it so we’re not just sitting at red lights,” says Decker. 

The board will finalize funding at it’s next meeting. 

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