3rd Sunday Market holds its last event of the 2019 season

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BLOOMINGTON, Ill. — Antiques, Uniques, and painting techniques. People from all over the country came to the twin cities to show off their valuables from the 1800s.

“Look at this one, it’s the dangling bell I mean how could this exquisite thing have survived all these years,” said Seller Judi Stellmach.

Judi came all the way from Connecticut to sell her antique ornaments for the first time at this market, but for others, they’ve been doing it for years.

“My pops been doing it for close to 30 years and my sister beth and I have done it for several years ourselves,” said Seller Marilyn Altman.

To say there is a variety of merchandise at this market would be an understatement.

“There’s just so much you can buy I’m standing here at an antique painted furniture booth and right across the way are a bunch of Christmas decorations that I remember from when I was young, to something that brand spanking new behind me,” said Altman.

“Antiques, collectibles, unique art, produce,” said 3rd Sunday Market Promoter Michael Raycraft.

This tradition has been going on for 3 decades. Raycraft says the market has become a staple in the community.

“It’s a big deal here in Bloomington we attract thousands of people from 19 states and it’s become quite a tradition in town,” said Raycraft.

Vendors are encouraging you to come out and join the fun next year.

“A lot of creative people out here a lot of nice people, there’s kindness everywhere you turn so come on out and enjoy this it’s just a great place to be,” said Altman.

This is the last market of the 2019 season. They will be having a holiday special on February 14.

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