PEORIA, Ill. (WMBD)– Peoria police conducted a directed patrol detail on Wednesday.

According to a Peoria police press release, 51 vehicle stops were conducted, leading to several citations and six arrested. Two stolen vehicles were recovered.

A Shot Spotter alert for 30 rounds also occurred during the patrol detail. Three more rounds were fired in the same location moments later. Officers observed several houses and vehicles struck by gunfire.

Officers learned that two juveniles were firing fully automatic handguns at a passing car.

No one was injured and the suspects successfully fled on foot.

“The City of Peoria is currently experiencing an uptick in juvenile crimes. Parents, we
need your help! We need you to be responsible and know where your children are at
all times. Many crimes are happening during curfew hours. The curfew was put in
place to make sure juveniles are safe at home with their families and not on our streets
committing crimes. We all must do our part to make sure our streets are safe for all
community members day and night. PLEASE KNOW WHERE YOUR CHILDREN

Chief Echevarria

The incident is still under investigation.