UPDATE– A former KDB Group employee who wishes to remain unidentified spoke with us to clarify the fate of Sankoty Lakes. He says that employees received an email a week ago that they were being laid off.

“Me and 65 other people and it affected over 500 people with their families. And we all got left trying to scramble to find jobs.”

While the former employees worked directly for KDB he says all the employees from Columbia Hospitality were let go. Columbia Hospitality is a property management company based in Seattle.

“They had a property management company come in and was managing the property. They met one day and the next day, just like me, everybody got fired. All the Columbia employees laid off.”

There was also confusion about a neighboring establishment, Sheets Creek Saloon.

“Somebody posted and just asked us if we were affiliated and we’re not. We’re our own entity and doing quite well actually,” said co-owner Scott Sheets.

Sheets said that the closing of Sankoty Lakes will not hinder his business but he does feel bad that Sankoty Lakes will not be re-opening.

“Our customers seem to be loyal. We have a good following already. They seem to be enjoying the place and we’re enjoying them. We hope whoever takes over the place, or whatever happens or if they open back up hope they do well.  We look forward to being a good partner with them.”

WMBD reached out to Kim Blickenstaff of KDB Group as well as Columbia Hospitality for interviews. They have yet to get back to us. 

SPRING BAY, Ill. (WMBD) — A former Sankoty Lakes employee has confirmed Monday that they are closing.

According to the former employee, he and 65 other employees received info that they were laid off on Jan. 2. The employees worked for both KDB Group and Columbia Hospitality.

The employees were laid off two days before the KDB Group announced that they will be reevaluating their projects and operations in the Peoria area.

This reevaluation is also expected to impact the operations of the Scottish Rite Theatre and the Betty Jayne Brimmer Center for the Performing Arts.

This story will be updated.