WASHINGTON Ill. (WMBD) — Hundreds of guests came to Washington Community High School Saturday afternoon for its 6th annual steam into Star Wars event.

More than 50 students and 50 volunteers planned for two months to make the event happen.

Tom gross is the school’s librarian and event coordinator. He said the purpose is to try to teach kids science, technology, engineering, arts, and math while making the subjects more interesting by using star wars to keep kids’ attention.

“We get to take advantage of those stories here and celebrate those stories, but also tie them into steam learning,” said Gross.

Families enjoyed star wars crafts, games, and padawan storytime. The event included visits with local authors and artists and a live taping of the Hyperian Hub podcast.

John Alois hosts the Hyperian Hub podcast and said Star Wars is a great way to keep kids engaged in learning while also getting to spend quality family time.

“I have a strong connection to Star Wars because of my family and now being able to share that with my children. And it kind of checks all the boxes as far as what steam represents,” said Alois.

Steam into Star Wars is an annual event held by Washington Community High School.