PEORIA, Ill. (WMBD) — The Peoria Police Department saw a large demand during its third gun buyback this year.

Saturday morning, community members lined up outside of First Baptist and Higher Dimensions Church in Peoria to get rid of their unwanted firearms.

“I had a couple of old shotguns that my father had, he passed away a few years back, and I had absolutely no use for them, they were still in boxes, so I just wanted to get rid of them,” said a community member at the buyback.

Peoria Police collected 89 weapons during the buyback, and a total of $18,000 was given out in exchange. It was the second buyback in a row where gift cards and cash ran out in less than an hour.

“Unfortunately, we had to turn people away,” said Lt. James Chiola, Peoria Police Department Special Investigations Division. “It’s a good problem, I wish we had more funds to buy back more guns,” he added.

A variety of weapons were brought in, ranging from antique guns to AR-15s. Police said each one turned in makes a difference.

“I’ve been a police officer for 36 years, and I’ve seen all types of weapons used in committing crimes,” Chiola said.

Some in the community also refused to accept the gift cards and just wanted their guns to be safely disposed of instead.

“They don’t want these guns on the street, and they’re afraid of them falling into the wrong hands,” Chiola said.

Another buyback has not been scheduled but police are in contact with a donor about having more in the future.