CHILLICOTHE, Ill. (WMBD)– A Chillicothe resident is feeling the love of his hometown after returning home from major surgery in late July.

Dallas Stallion, who is only 27, recently underwent a double lung transplant at Loyola University Medical Center in Chicago for cystic fibrosis.

Family and friends wanted to show support and solidarity for Stallion, so they made sure to surprise him with a proper homecoming.

A motorcade, composed of the Chillicothe police and fire departments, escorted Stallion’s car through downtown Chillicothe as crowds of supporters cheered him on for his renewed life.

Dallas’ Dream Team is comprised of loved ones and the Chillicothe community who organized the event. Crowdgoers assembled at Gilmore’s on 2nd Street, wearing purple shirts and waving signs.

For Dallas’ mom Gennifer Jeffries, the surgery is a huge milestone in an even longer journey. Dallas was diagnosed with cystic fibrosis when he was only six months old, and the wait for the life-saving surgery has been years.

“We’ve had three calls, which they call ‘dry runs’,” said Jeffries. “Where they call us to the hospital, say we have lungs, and then they find out the lungs do not pass approval and send him home.”

“The fourth call came in on July 27, and we were all fairly calm about it, being the fourth go,” she continued. “We made it to the hospital and when we heard the beautiful words, that the lungs were approved and we were moving forward, it was so surreal.”

Dallas was out of the hospital one day shy of the three-week mark from surgery and is recovering well.

Jeffries was asked what is the first thing Dallas wants to do after getting home.

“He said ‘hug his daughter and shower,'” laughed Jeffries.