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A family brings a community together

PEORIA - A social media post is helping one family find a little more peace.

Tayler Johnson took initiative to start a lawn mowing business to help his family get out of a rough patch. His motivation is his mother, Amy White, who is sick.

Johnson's lawn mowing business, Tayler's Lawn Care, was made official to do what he can to help his family. 

"When he's not in school, he's out trying to make money to help things, and me," White said. 

Bernice Gordon-Young has known 14-year-old Johnson for years, and got an idea after she saw what he had been doing. 

“What if, as a community, we help one family at a time? [...] I just put it on Facebook and it grew into this thing,” Gordon-Young said.

People noticed Facebook posts and immediately began donating food, supplies, money, and their time to help. They also help his mother around the house.

"It means a lot to me because I have dilated cardiomyopathy and a bunch of other health problems." White said. "It really helps me and the kids out.”

Gordon-Young said so many people willing to come together for a random neighbor gives her hope that this is what a real community looks like. She also hopes the response will be a call to action to help the next family in need.

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