BLOOMINGTON, Ill. — The Illinois Prairie Community Foundation awarded YWCA McLean County a grant of $1,645. The grant money will be used to create and educate students in YWCA’s Young Wonders Youth Development program about anti-bias.

According to the National Center for Educational Statistics, more than one out of five students reported being bullied, with 70.6% of young people saying they have seen bullying in their schools.

The money will help teachers educate children about racism, sexism and ableism with the goal of eliminating bullying and creating a more inclusive environment for the students. 

“The anti-bias education is meant to create and build an inclusive environment for students,” said YWCA Young Wonders Senior Director, Melissa Breeden. “This curriculum gives children a chance to have age-appropriate dialogue that encourages them to celebrate differences.”

Leaders say the goal is to teach school-aged students with a hope of integrating Pre-K students in the future.