A group of professionals in Peoria are planning to start up a Hispanic Chamber of Commerce.This comes after they noticed the lack of support and network opportunities available to Hispanic business owners.

Cesar Vargas, a teacher who grew up in Peoria has witnessed first-hand, the growth of the Hispanic community over the years. 

“It was a very small community back in the 80s but the community now has grown exponentially and you’re seeing Latino businesses or Latino themed businesses pop up all over the city and they are doing very well. However that I know of, there is no central organizing committee,” said Vargas, organizer for the Hispanic Chamber of Commerce. 

Their mission is to create a space that will bring people together and where they can share ideas and resources as well as help their businesses run better. 

John Lamb, an attorney in Peoria, has organized something similar to this before. 

“There’s probably potential that’s untapped and if people are sharing resources, communicating a little bit better and creating a sense of community maybe that will even generate more business and more life in the Hispanic business community,” said Lamb, organizer for the Hispanic Chamber of Commerce.

The group is set to have their first organized meeting on Oct. 24. All are welcome to participate. 
For more information you can visit their website at peoriahispanicchamber.com